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1. aeon
2. eona
3. onae
4. naeo
5. anoe


contrary to the usual premeditated workflow of benev's sonic creations, aeon, his second solo album, is an exception. it came unexpectedly, in a sense even forcefully, but in a good way, as a way of coping with the pressure and restrictions imposed during the covid-19 world crisis.

"locked in my apartment with no possibility of reaching my or any other studio equipment, the decision was easy to make. You put to use whatever you have lying around you, simply in order to create, cause otherwise, reality breaks you."

following benev's statement above, creation was clearly a way to escape reality. the antonyms "negative-positive" here play a very important role. with a trance-like quality, the album turned out to be a suite, understandably so considering the reason for the creation, with opposing elements fighting each other throughout the 39-minutes of music. eerie, haunting sounds softened by lush, soothing harmonies, both enclosed in a, what would seem, unending loop of revolving analog drum-machine rhythms. a clear reference to the unending loop of foreboding events during the pandemic with a touch of hope.

on the technical side, aeon is entirely a computer daw-driven work with simplicity being an anchor point. you would rarely hear more than three elements happening at the same time.

it's up to the imagination of the listener to fill the space left empty.


produced, composed, mixed and mastered by viktor benev

visual conception by bilyana furnadzhieva

released october the 20th, 2020

(lossy .MP3)

(audiophile .WAV)