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1. pink and dirty
2. nova
3. rez
4. beings from another dimension
5. sweet filter of love
6. sparkles
7. memories from daily life
8. aera
9. chakra
10. trails to eternity


architextures is by far the most recent and elaborate solo work in benev's catalogue. a display of his various interests spanning from exploring uncommon ways of playing a range of instruments (vibraphone, percussion, piano, guitar, vocals) to working with panoramic panning decisions and striking harmonic progressions, benev's third album leads the listener in a methodically developed unique soundscape.

the album was given the top album tag by dino dimuro at pitch perfect and has been highly regarded from the critics on multiple blogs and magazines.

abiding to the manifest for music creation, dating from 2020, this is the first long-playing album to consistently pursue the eleven points, written by benev.

surely a decisive path-marking work to brand benev's approach to music creation and perhaps suggest further development in a similar direction.


produced, composed, mixed by viktor benev
mastered by shawn hatfield at audible oddities

visual conception by bilyana furnadzhieva

released may the 29th, 2022


highly recommended by pitch perfect with a mark of 4.1 out of 5 – top album.

dino dimuro at pitch perfect
"(...) the sweep of benev's complex yet beautiful melodies is a wonder to behold (...)"
"(...) benev's constructions are always clever, but here again his melodic gifts are clearly evident (...)"
"viktor benev's track aera from his album architextures takes listeners on a vivid and captivating sonic journey (...)"
"(...) the dynamic shifts throughout the track take listeners in unexpected directions, making aera an intriguing and thought-provoking piece."

parkett magazine
"aera is (...) an intense and classy journey."
"minimal sounds, futuristic atmospheres."

no transmission
"(...) viktor benev creates a beguiling environment of gentle splutters, simple piano keys and delicate production in which to practice explorative sonic experimentalism."
"(...) he [viktor benev] harnesses electronic sounds as naturally as metal conducts lightning."

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